Shifting into Black and White…

It’s been days of rain and clouds around here. I’m still feeling unsettled feeling that comes with this time of the year, and of course, Mercury in retrograde, always affect me.  Are you finding that unsettling too? I wrote about this a couple of weeks ago, and it persists. I know it’s the shift in season, (gray skies makes the impact, greater) and the transitional feeling that comes with this time of year.
As things shift, leave, expand and reflect, it all feels unsettling. As I navigated these feelings this week, I had a sense of void; everything appeared to be black, white, shades of gray. I didn’t feel that color overload that I often feel inside and need to get out onto paper and/or canvas.
blurred linesI’m starting to feel that feeling of nesting and hibernation, as the days get shorter, darker, cooler and the days and nights blur together. “When I’m like this I want to be surrounded by comfort and people who I love. I’ve pulled out the soft blankets to drape over the sofa, thick socks, soft warm clothing, added my winter comforter to my cozy bed and brought out my “day lights”.  This is the time of the year, that my Seasonal Affect Disorder starts to take up residence inside me and I need to take excellent care of myself on the inside and the outside, so that I don’t spiral down and let it take me to an abyss.
B-W102014It means slowing down, breathing deeply and being very present with myself, which Yoga and Meditation bring to me. So this week, I looked to the black and white of the things I know that work, allowing for shades of gray, so that I don’t become stagnant. Letting myself choose what I’d like whenever possible, from what I’ll eat to when I’ll do something. It means doing things that fill me up and brighten my day when I have the energy; creating new art, taking photos, walking, writing and just looking out the window. Soon the color of life will color my palette, again.
What helps you feel more comfortable and cared for on these Autumn days? How do you find ways to incorporate more of that into this time of the year?
From my wildly passionate creative soul to yours in peace.