Creative Blocks

CreativeBlock2With this time of the year, it’s often challenging to find time and even when I do, it is limited. I have always managed to art journal,  but I’m finding it hard to work on anything besides that! I have times when I’m creatively blocked and this looks like one of those times.  For a professional artist, a creative block is not just frustrating; it’s potentially career-damaging. When you rely on your creativity to pay the bills and build your reputation, you can’t afford to be short of ideas or the energy to put them into action!

A “creative block” is the inability to access one’s flowing stream of inspiration and creativity. What was once an overflowing well of ideas may now feel like an endless drought. It can last for days, months, or even years at a time. Creative block may affect many individuals, but those most affected tend to be people in creative professions such as writers, musicians, artists, and performers.


Magnus-SideviewHere are some of the creative blocks that have gripped me in the past:

Death of a loved ones,

Something going on that’s stressful in my children’s lives,

Lack of financial support,

Depletion of all my creative energy after a period of creating,


Doubtful of my ability and talent,

Anxious about the expectations of a project,

Need for perfection,

Anxiety or Depression,

A sudden loss of meaning and purpose in my work,

Negative self-talk or criticism and last but not least, exhaustion.

RoughReadySidevewThe one thing I’ve noticed about my creative blocks is that once I’ve resolved it, it comes at me again from another angle. Yes, the mind is a powerful force!

Even with the best regiments/rituals, we all fall off the creative wagon, when time and commitments weigh us down. The best thing I’ve found is that as soon as I realize it. I go back to where I was when I was balanced. For me that means, yoga, meditation, deep breathing and therapy! Yes, talking to someone, who is qualified and has worked with creatives is like a shot in the arm for me!

I’ve learned that often, just showing up is the most basic thing I can do. I mean showing up for all the things that I know work for me.

So I began by cleaning my studio, de-cluttering, repositioning and finally setting up the supplies in front of me. I felt great after doing this! Will this always work? No, but it’s working now. I don’t question what works, in times like this. I just go with the flow of unblocking. During my cleaning, I noticed that I had some 4″x 4″mini canvases in a corner. I decided that I would work with them; they were small enough for me not to put more pressure on myself, if I created something with them.

RestingLeavesSideviewI worked on each of them as time allowed, sometimes, 15 minutes, sometimes 30 minutes some days, it was all I could manage. I had no expectations and allowed myself to be fine with that. Was it easy? …No!

But, I kept showing up…that’s what I committed myself to; showing up and letting the process take over. By no means am I suggesting that this is a quick or easy process! It will take time as with anything else; what I do know is that you have to start.

I’m slowly and surely coming out of this creative block and I have something tangible to show myself. Even in my most blocked state, I can do something! I’m never at a loss for creativity, I just need to continue with my regiment/rituals, trust myself, trust the process and always show up!

Creative Blocks-4x4Web


I’ve decided to continue creating my 4″x 4″ x 1.5″. I’ve entitled them “Creative Blocks” These are the first four in this continuing series, since I know I’ll be added to this. They are mixed media on canvas, (the above pictures are selected side views, since each side is decorated). I will continue them on 4″x4″ wooden blocks (find a stash of them in de-cluttering my studio) and I will add them to my Etsy Shop soon! I’m looking at them with lots of gratitude and joy, because out of something so challenging, my art making prevails!

From my wildly passionate creative soul to yours in peace.