Thought Imagery…

Journal Pages I love the practice of turning my thoughts around. I turned them upside down and inside out really looking for my truth in them. It is my process of questioning myself. I do this in meditation, but more often than not, I explore this through my art journals. Writing, sketching and collaging my way to new insights through this process.

Journal PagesWorking with imagery uses a different part of my brain, guiding me to use my intuitive knowledge, which coupled with words, makes a big impact on my psyche. I don’t propose to be a great philosopher or great thinker, but I know the mechanics of how my brain works, so that where I get my results, through this process of linking imagery and words.  So this is where my mind process led me this week.

How do you reflect? Do you process your thoughts by writing, meditation or do you process them or just let them run amok? I’d love to hear about it!

I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned in an exciting workshop I took next. So I leave you with some of the imagery that came together for me in my art journal.

From my wildly passionate creative soul to yours in peace.