Wisdom Seeking…

All too often we doubt our self, our intuition, our own internal wisdom. We tend to think someone else will have the answers – and seek advice from friends, family, experts or gurus.  It’s so easy to just assume that we don’t know the next step or the right answer.  But we do. I’m not saying we shouldn’t trust others or not seek them out, but often we have the answer within us.

"Being Yourself'I’ve found that my real wisdom often, comes from deep inside. It’s a mix of my experiences and knowledge that I’ve gained throughout my life.  It’s hasn’t  always been  easy to trust it – in fact, it is much easier to look for answers outside of ourselves.

Often times that is simply so that we have someone else or something else to blame if things do not go right.

Becoming Who IAm

When I need to know an answer or determine a direction – when I am unsure of my next step – I find a quiet space and simply sit with the idea or question.  I let it roll around in my mind.  I often, meditate, and journal about it.  When  the answer comes, sometimes I like it and sometimes I don’t.  I have learned to trust it, because it’s my answer.

 I hope these pages serve as a reminder that many answers are found within you – it’s time to trust your own wisdom!

From my Wildly Passionate Creative Soul to yours, in peace.