I inadvertently deleted a comment sent to me (IF-Wrinkles). Actually I’m not sure what happened. So if anyone receives a message that I did delete your message, I am so sorry. I really appreciate all comments, so please forgive me.

I don’t know who made the comment, I hit publish button and for some reason, it was gone!

I recently sliced off part of my left index finger and now have a huge splint and bandage on it, so it is very difficult to type. That may have something to do with my awful typing, too!
Hopefully in the next few weeks, the skin that was shaved off cutting mat boards will grow back! Thank God, it wasn’t my drawing hand! Oh well…I digress…

Once again, thank you all for taking seconds/minutes out of your precious time to comment. I really, really appreciate it.

Peace always,

  1. Wow, that sounds awful. I’m sorry to hear about that.

    Don Devas T.

    Comment by Anonymous — May 4, 2008 @ 10:07 pm

  2. 1. i’ve NEVER figured out how to cut neat, perfect mats… it is a skill which eludes me…

    2. thank you for leaving nice comments on my blog. i really appreciate it, even if i’m a lazy bastard never get back to you on them.

    3. as for the question you left about purchasing one of my pieces: you can email me if a painting interests you. i don’t have an official store online, but my email is susie000 at

    4. what is your cultural background? i’m just interested, from seeing your work. :)

    Comment by susie — May 12, 2008 @ 11:58 pm

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