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Celebrate to me always involves music. I mean really for me, a celebration without a song, a lyric, music, a ditty…well it just is not a celebration! So for this week, in honor of love, take the one you love, put on a tune that you can hum together, dance together or look at one another to and celebrate, because love is always a cause for celebration.

So here I’ve provided the instruments, the singer and a microphone, now all you have to do is improvise…celebrate!

Love, Happiness and Peace to you all!

  1. Beautiful illo, yes, I love music, so can see a celebration with no music.!!

    Thanks for your visit in my blog and nice comment.

    Comment by ale balanzario — February 16, 2009 @ 8:05 pm

  2. You can almost hear Nina Simone singing through this piece.

    Comment by Rob Smith, Jr. — February 16, 2009 @ 11:28 pm

  3. Thank you for your welcoming to IF. I am always interested in works of other artists. It’s always, in my point of view, very enriching and give me a lot to think.
    Thus said, I scrolled down your blog and discovered your multiple talents, your sense of colors, your humour and your texts…

    Comment by artglehen — February 17, 2009 @ 3:08 am

  4. Superb take in this prompt. You said it – music is celebration on many levels. Love the colors in this. Thanks!

    Comment by get zapped — February 17, 2009 @ 12:27 pm

  5. As always you’ve captured the essense perfectly. Music, indeed!

    Comment by cassyfatnastee — February 17, 2009 @ 3:26 pm

  6. I like your composition and colors, beautiful piece!
    Yub! Let’s sing together, if you don’t mind my horrible voice! ^.^

    Comment by julia — February 17, 2009 @ 4:49 pm

  7. Jazzy. So eloquent and fine.

    Comment by Marie-Hélène — February 17, 2009 @ 5:29 pm

  8. I like the curve of the piano keys and her full, red lips.

    Comment by Emily — February 17, 2009 @ 6:13 pm

  9. She is well and contented, I love all the bites you set for this celebrating theme:)

    Comment by yoon see — February 17, 2009 @ 7:02 pm

  10. You are too good!
    Love this piece, can feel the rhythm and heartfelt swing :-)
    Have a great week!

    Comment by Flying Colors — February 17, 2009 @ 10:40 pm

  11. lovely montage of celebratory things :) nice colours and composition, you are right celebrations are often associated with music :) I couldn’t get that Celebration song out of my head!

    Comment by Shannon Melville — February 18, 2009 @ 9:48 am

  12. Beautiful work- idea & “composition”!- I agree with the sentiment

    Comment by AndyDoodler — February 18, 2009 @ 10:40 am

  13. Now this is a piece that moves and makes you want to celebrate!

    Comment by Shani — February 18, 2009 @ 2:34 pm

  14. You’re absolutely right- celebrating and music go hand in hand for sure! great illustration :-)

    Comment by Annette Q — February 18, 2009 @ 5:27 pm

  15. wonderful montage… and over here in the left column -> how cool is that gallery collection!

    Comment by AscenderRisesAbove — February 18, 2009 @ 5:41 pm

  16. You have captured the essence of the theme. A celebration is never complete without music.

    Comment by Pea — February 19, 2009 @ 2:50 am

  17. the flow and composition of this piece is wonderful! nice job.

    Comment by candace trew camling — February 19, 2009 @ 3:33 am

  18. I love music and there is no clebration without it,you did a great work

    Comment by theartofpuro — February 19, 2009 @ 11:13 am

  19. What a fun piece! Great concept!

    Comment by Nessa Dee — February 19, 2009 @ 1:08 pm

  20. wonderful warm and vivid illustration!

    Comment by vfm4 — February 19, 2009 @ 2:06 pm

  21. Hey girly, I know how it with posting. It’s hard and I really have no time to do this. I just have so much artwork saved up from other projects that I can post at least twice a week. It’s still not easy with a hungry husband and a daughter who says,”I’m so bored mommy!” It’s a wonder if I get the chance to go the ladies room by myself. You are doing VERY well as far as I can see I’m your 70th person! You’ve been very busy he he he!!!

    Comment by vanessa newton — February 19, 2009 @ 4:33 pm

  22. makes me wanna listen to some dixie land or rag time. great bold colors and love ur piano

    Comment by michael dailey — February 19, 2009 @ 5:51 pm

  23. Ok, I take back what I said a couple weeks ago… THIS is my new favorite by you!! Oh heck, you’re always doing great stuff!

    Comment by sketched out — February 20, 2009 @ 1:43 am

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