Unlimited Responses – When You Put It Out to the Universe!

It wonderful, when you put something out there in the world! The Universe comes back to you with a multitude of wisdom!

I posed my question of  “How do you choose what online seminars and webinars to pay for? Do they work? Or do they just make money for the presenters?” I knew that this year, I needed more information on my next steps in my art world! As usual, when we ask a question, we want a quick answers, not thinking that, when I’m posed a question, I think before answering. Here is a wonderful different approach!

Maria Brophy, a fabulous art coach, featured my questions, in regard to:

Webinars Coaches and Seminars – Are They Worth the Money?”

I’m glad that Maria Brophy chose to answer my question, too. It gives credence to the fact that there are great answers out there and as the questioner, you need to get as much sound advice as possible to make the best decision for you. I love Maria’s direct honest, no nonsense approach! Both coaches gave me good and solid advice. As I move forward this year in making my resolutions real, I will be able to make great choices!

Maria Brophy is a wonderful coach, she is the marketing guru for the success “Son of the Sea” Artist Drew Brophy, whose work is world renown in those tropical places we all love! You can find Drew’s art at beautiful beaches around the world! Maria’s incredible insight is a value to all artists! It is worth your time to invest in a visit to Maria’s website.

So artists, business entrepreneurs and friends, I have now garnered more answers, so I encouraged you to look deep for your marketing answers, because there are some wonderful people out there to help you navigate those sometimes shark-infested waters. Thank you Maria for all your help!

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