Honor The Women In Your Life

For those of you who are blessed to have your mother, May 8th, is a day that is recognized to honor her. if you are like most, you honor this woman every day of her life, by living your life in a way, that she would want you to.

For those of us, whose mothers have transitioned out of this life, this can be a bittersweet day. We remember her with love, and then remember, that she is no longer with us. We continue her legacy by living our lives with integrity and the lessons she taught us.

Some of us may not have any of those memories above. You may be one of those courageous women, who did it alone, then you are to be celebrated too!

Maybe your memories are not tempered with love, maybe that mother figure was not what you would have liked; hopefully, there is a woman, that gave you some semblance of a Mom.

Hopefully, in most of our lives, we have met a woman, who has embodied that “mother” figure. She has nurtured us, cheered us on, when we needed it most, told us about ourselves when we were acting less than we were, she may be your best friend, a girl friend at work who taught you something that one else could or would take the time to!

I don’t think of Mother’s Day as the only day to honor my mother or the other women in my life, but it is a day, that can be used to remember all the other women in my life who have given me their “mothering ways”; the ones, that I might forget in the hectic thing, I call my life, it is these women, I honor on Mother’s Day, because, my Mom tells me I honor her everyday, so she would prefer that I honor all the women in my life who have been there for me as well!

So I encourage you to do that on this upcoming Mother’s Day. Honor the Women in Your Life. A special call, a card, take her out to breakfast, a gift, an “I love you for who you are”. Give her a token of your love. As women, we treasure those things, because the words and the action are important.

May you continue to honor the women in your life, wherever they are.

My art work is created and based on honoring all women, from various cultures, traditions, myths and spirituality.
For Purchase of Original Works of Art  Contact me at: indigene@indigeneart.com

For prints or cards, order by April 30th the latest for Mother’s Day at:


In peace from me to you.

  1. Beautiful words and beautiful images! I especially like the last painting.

    Comment by Linda Hensley — April 26, 2011 @ 3:04 pm

  2. While looking at all the extraordinary rains we are having, the phrase "the Earth is you mother" keeps going through my head. I wish humans would take better care of her and honor her as much as we honor our human mothers.

    Comment by Lynette — April 26, 2011 @ 5:21 pm

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