Perennial Thoughts On Becoming

I am in the middle of my life, my children are long from babyhood, my youngest will leave the nest in two years, and my eldest is creating his own wisdom, apart from mine. Where the preciousness of life takes on a new meaning, because I may be closer to an ending than a beginning. Why do I write this?

As an artist, I gravitate toward the visual; it’s just my particular way of interacting with my world. With so many things, to catch my eyes, I am in a constant state of over-stimulation and creating art is the passionate thing that calms me down. It is the constant, throughout my life that I believe keeps me interested, sane, stable and alive!

“Art is an articulator of the soul’s uncensored purpose and deepest will” – Shaun McNiff

Art influences every part of my life, not just in the pictures I create, but it draws me to others who create as well, whether their form of expression is dancing, writing, performing, healing, meditation, etc. They are all forms of art…people creating something that is a manifestation of themselves to give to the world, a beauty that only they can give.

My life is changing, and I want to commemorate this change. No, it’s a change that society may remark upon, but it is a change that has long been coming, a change from being just a child, woman, wife, mother or sister. I am becoming my authentic self! You might ask, well, who have you been all these years?! I’ve been all those labels, I’ve just mentioned…totally embracing, living and being in them, because they were necessary.

Those labels defined me and I made decisions based on those labels. I absolutely do not regret the decisions or the labels! But, I can no longer just be that. I must listen to my intuitive voice and follow it’s leading, with my life force, in order to make this physical journey true to what I am. So this perennial journey has become more than a whispering, it is my new art, my new self!

The labels are still there, but in a very different sense. My perennial journey is drawing out shapes, images and memories that may not belong to me, personally, but that will fashion a self-portrait to engage in my process of self-discovery; that is so essential to the discernment of my calling to authenticity. I use my art to bring me in line with my calling. Through it I have access to timeless sources of wisdom in myself, deep drives and memories of who I really am, who I am becoming.

I am changing…needing authentic people to grow along with me…I am changing.

Such are my perennial thoughts on this hot summer night…

I want to profusely thank Andrea Pratt for her beautiful talent and inspiration, she has shown me how a soul can travel through her art. I appreciate her help and direction in creating these memorial images.

In peace to you and yours.

Note: These images are a part the background of my memorial portrait of my sister, Renee Marie Bryant – (Feb.10, 1960 – June 27, 2011).

  1. I'm so very touched. Thank you, art soul sister, for making me part of your journey!

    Comment by andrea — July 24, 2011 @ 8:56 pm

  2. Lovely and inspiring words. The birds are wonderful, especially the blue one along with the circles. My sympathies for your sister.

    Comment by Kerry Schofield — July 24, 2011 @ 9:31 pm

  3. This made me cry :) i too am on this journey sweet friend and if you see me leaning on a sign post or sitting on a bench looking a little lost or confused it is just because i was waiting for you to come and sit a spell, chat and share a hug :-x we are all connected :) much love to you both :)

    Comment by valgalart — July 24, 2011 @ 10:06 pm

  4. Such lovely thoughts and love your work as usual!

    Bubba Bee is only coming to two years of age and I'm already worried for when the time comes when she leaves! She's growing up too fast!

    Comment by yati davies — July 25, 2011 @ 3:16 am

  5. Beautiful (the words and the images).

    Comment by Amy — July 25, 2011 @ 4:12 am

  6. Very moving, Indigene. I'm truly sorry about the loss of your sister.

    Comment by Vicki Smith — July 25, 2011 @ 6:06 am

  7. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting. Your post is great, it has made me ponder my own authentic self, it echos a little of the post I did this morning about the persons/people within us that need attention, thanks for sharing.

    Comment by Jennibellie — July 25, 2011 @ 6:29 am

  8. Your words resonate with me too. I will soon be left with only one child at home, she's the youngest of six and it doesn't matter how many times 'one leaves the nest' I get upset. I feel the time approaching when it'll be just me and I need to continue to grow towards that 'me' that's been there all along but pushed to the back for so long it's hard to find it sometimes. Thanks for sharing your heart.xx

    Comment by Jessie — July 25, 2011 @ 6:33 am

  9. Lovely words, lovely images. I especially like the flying bird.

    Comment by Linda Hensley — July 25, 2011 @ 8:32 am

  10. Very nice–obviously heart-felt–essay. Your "perennial journey" looks to be on a steady path! The images look wonderful, haunting…

    Comment by Elizabeth Stanton — July 25, 2011 @ 11:08 am

  11. Wow, this entry really spoke to me! I can relate to it so much. Beautiful images, and I'm so sorry you lost your sister.

    Comment by Abby — July 25, 2011 @ 3:01 pm

  12. Such beautiful images and thoughtful interpretation of the theme! This has been a year of difficult changes for many of us, it seems, but this outlet, this outpouring of our souls, at least offers some solace.

    Comment by Cat — July 25, 2011 @ 5:38 pm

  13. What a beautiful, beautiful post, Indigine..and my sincerest condolences regarding your dear sister. I hear you! Life flies by so quickly and to embrace each passing phase is what we must do..I believe that this is going to be an amazing chapter in your life – you already sound balanced and well and eager to begin. I am so glad to visit you!

    Comment by shirley — July 26, 2011 @ 7:11 pm

  14. I'm giving you a Sunshine Award because I love looking at your posts and have been so glad to talk with you online. See the details on my blog and spread the love! Keep up the great work :)

    "Sunshine Award 2011" .

    The rules:
    – Thank the person who gave you this award
    – Write a post about it
    – Answer the questions
    – Pass it on to 10 bloggers who you think really deserve it and send them a message to let them know.

    Comment by Linda Hensley — July 28, 2011 @ 10:29 am

  15. Thank you for your open heart and touching words. They really grabbed my heart. Wonderful post my friend:o) Hey! Thanks for stopping by :o)

    Comment by jack foster — July 28, 2011 @ 5:24 pm

  16. I gave you an award!

    Comment by Sharon Wagner — July 29, 2011 @ 2:04 pm

  17. I love your writing and your work Indigene. Very forthright and heart felt!

    Comment by Catherine Meyers — August 18, 2011 @ 4:12 pm

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