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I can’t believe it’s been five weeks, since I’ve blogged! No excuses, but I’ve been working hard in the studio! I am working in a mentorship program with Michele Theberge, which is changing how I work in the studio and increasing my accountability for creating and growing my mentors and support group.  It’s intense and I’m so worth doing this for myself as an artist.

Here’s some of the work, I’ve created…

I’ve been experimenting with my style of portrait making. I’ve been wanting my portraits to be more 3-D, because of the art journaling I’ve been doing! I’m trying to find a way to incorporate the three dimensional aspect of my art journaling to my portraits and other paintings.

This has been a wealth of development, but also challenging me to learn new and different techniques, out of my comfort zone!

As an artist, I’ve no excuses, I’ve been in the studio creating!

In the art business arena, I have opened an Etsy Store, so please check it out, for my prints and buying my little chubbies; which are original miniature paintings. I absolutely love them and creating them was pure joy!


My large original work is still available through my website and the price sheet is available there as well.

My family and I are stay-cationing this year, and I’m loving it! Pennsylvania has so much to offer in nature and culture and I’m enjoying exploring my adopted state! This has keep me outside and I’m looking at landscapes with an eye for vivid color and exploring creating landscapes; which I haven’t done in a a while. 

I’m still creating in my art journal and will be creating a second video, soon! :)

So remember, that staying home for the summer, can be as rewarding as taking a beautiful trip, it’s all in what you do and how you look at it.

Well, it’s back to the studio!

Enjoy and remember to carrying on dreaming, but acting on them makes life worthwhile! Peace to you and yours.


  1. Beautiful! Your Etsy site looks great too. I've gone to PA for vacation, so seems like a good place to be in your time off even if you already live there. "Accountability" sounds impressive. Maybe I should work at that too? :)

    Comment by Linda Hensley — July 29, 2012 @ 6:00 pm

  2. Thanks for stopping by Linda! :) There are so many historical sites in Pennsylvania and it is a huge place, so there's plenty to do and see. The accountability is wonderful, and it absolutely keeps me on point. You can email me privately for more info, if you'd like. Have a great week!

    Comment by indigene1 — July 29, 2012 @ 6:18 pm

  3. so happy for your development and discoveries! once again, I am inspired. i’ll get to the etsy site and explore there. as for Pennsy, it is lovely and full of treasures. One of my fav places is Falling Water, Frank Lloyd Wright’s house. thank you. so glad you are thriving!

    Comment by lynda — September 22, 2012 @ 7:09 am

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