About Indigene Art Forms

Indigene Art Forms is the website of artist Theresa “Indigene” Gaskin.

“Where the black and white forms of life are painted in vivid color!”

Each painting begins as a graphite drawing with soft gradations of light and dark. From the drawing, the composition is built upon with many sheer layers of color washes and pure pigment.

Traditional media is used, such as graphite, vine charcoal, powdered earth pigments, a variety of inks, watercolor, acrylics and sometimes, handmade oil formulas. Natural elements are preferred for their practical applications as well as for their metaphysical properties.

This process produces paintings that are rich and vibrant in color with an illuminating quality.


About The Artist

in · di · gene – native; belonging to a certain country, region, or locality

In · di · gene – Female Caribbean-American Visual Artist Living in Pennsylvania

“My identities as a woman and as an artist are intrinsically linked. My work explores issues of spirituality, myths, symbolism and universal womanhood. By painting the many faces of women, I connect to the archetypal types that celebrate women’s energy, thoughts, dreams, memories and spirits.

As I create my art, through paintings, drawings, art journals and altered books, I reveal aspects of myself and my connection to womanhood. My art speaks a language of many cultures and I feel immense reverence in being able to translate my individuality into this multitude. My unique and stylized way of creating art comes through in all my creations.”

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