What I’m Still Learning…

One of my art goals for this year is to work more freely and loosely. I know that being so detail oriented in my art is more about me trying to exercise control in all the aspects of my life. I think this need for control and perfectionism is the cause of my creative blocks (although I did manage to eek out a little creativity at times). This affected my output; which meant creating less!

I took steps this year to push myself completely out of the perfectionism zone, by creating smaller works, at a faster pace and I joined the 100 Artwork Challenge, so that I can create more, experiment and challenge myself.

Dreams Are LimitlessThis does not mean I will be sacrificing quality for quantity; but what it does mean is that I will add more joy, plan and fun to my time by letting go of the minutia! My need for control and perfectionism was so bad that I was spending days obsessing over getting every little thing, just right, so that I could move forward! It was a vicious cycle of anxiety-producing out-of –control mayhem in my head!

I often write about positive outlooks and ways to overcome the challenges of art and life. I don’t write about these things, because I think I’m so together, but rather from a place of knowing that I need this as much as anyone else.

I want all the dreams I have for this stage of my life to be limitless and to become a reality, but I know and believe that this has to be completed from the inside first and then it will filter to my outside life and hopefully help others.

So each epiphany that I encounter on my creative journey is worth celebrating! Always!

From my wildly passionate creative soul to yours in peace.

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